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ICMHI 2023

2023.5.12-14 | Hybrid Conference (Kyoto, Japan)

We are so glad that this year, our conference welcomes face-to-face mode finally. International participants from various countries have shared their academic researches.


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normal sessions and special sessions

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Special Session Best Presentations

1.Special Session 1 - Post-Pandemic Health Policies and Digitalization in Health
Best Presentation:
TD0058-A: Evaluation of Long-Term Healthcare Resources of OECD Countries with the MOORA Method
Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey

2.Special Session 2 - Machine Learning for Healthcare Applications
Best Presentation:
TD1001: Predicting Pain Severity Category by Vital Signs in Hospice Ward: An Application of Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration (PCOC) Pain Scale Measurement
Yu-Ju Lin
Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan

3.Special Session 4 - Machine Learning Algorithms for Bio-Medical Data Analysis
Best Presentation:
TD1035-A: Discovering Cancers Subtypes Based on Multi-Omics Clustering
Tianyi Shi
University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan

4.Special Session 5 - Healthcare System Service & Health Management for Hospital or Health Industry
Best Presentation:
TD5002-A: Prediction of Longitudinal Change of e-GFR in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 2 by Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Tzu-Chi Liu
Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

5.Special Session 6 - Next Generation Information Systems for Healthcare
Best Presentation:
TD1017: Cybersecurity of Smart Grid for Health Facilities with Wi-SUN Architecture
Tsung-Hung Lin
National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan

6.Special Session 7 - EMR-Based AI Implementation in Hospitals
Best Presentation:
TD1008-A: Web-based Artificial Intelligence Application for Predicting Postoperative Adverse Outcomes in Laparotomy: Compared with ASA-PS and Surgical Risk Preoperative Assessment System
Chin-Chen Chu
Chi-Mei Medical Center, Taiwan

7.Special Session 8 - Public Health Issues and Practical Implications
Best Presentation:
TD5016-A: The High Incidence of Cervical Cancer in Mongolia: Challenges and Initiatives for Prevention and Screening
Ulziijargal Sukhbat
China Medical University, Taiwan

8.Special Session 9 - Deep Learning for Patient Safety and Hospital Management
Best Presentation:
TD1022: Predicting Intracranial Hemorrhage Volume Based on Image Processing Techniques and Deep Learning Models
Tzu-Fang Yang, Chia-Pin Yi
Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

9.Special Session 10 - The New Opportunities of Integrated Healthcare Services Science with Medical Informatics
Best Presentation:
TD5004-A: Do Living Arrangement and Rurality Matter on Medical Utilization for Older Adults
Ting-Tzu Huang
Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan

10.Special Session 11 - Workshop on the Health Information and its Security Health Information and its Security
Best Presentation:
TD1029-A: Adversarial Deep Fake on Social Multimedia for Real-time Conversation
Yi-Hui Chen
1. Chang Gung University, Taiwan
2. Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan


Normal Best Presentations

1.Session 1 - COVID19
Best Presentation:
TD3010-A: Examining Resistance to Government Imposed Policies during Covid-19: End the Lockdown
Amir Bahman Radnejad
Mount Royal University, Alberta, Canada

2.Session 2 - Electronic Medical Record System and Analysis
Best Presentation:
TD3034-A: Effectiveness of the Hill Tribe Audio Computer Assisted Self Interview (HACASI) in assess sexual behavior in hill tribe youth population
Ratipark Tamornpark
Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand

3.Session 3 - Healthcare Management
Best Presentation:
TD0017-A: Prospects of Risk-Adjusted Capitation Financing for Value-Based Healthcare in Singapore
Shalabh Srivastava
MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation, Singapore

TD0131: Prescribing Decision Support System for Patient Safety and to Prevent Fraud and Overspending in Indonesian National Health Insurance
Daniel C.A. Nugroho
Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

4.Session 4 - Bioinformatics and Clinical Data Analysis
Best Presentation:
TD0074: Multiscale Attention Entropy (MSAE) of Overnight Pulse Oximetry for Assessing Sleep Apnea
Zilu Liang
The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

TD1031-A: Exploring the Associated Risk Factors of Discrepant Syphilis Serologic Tests Results Using Machine Learning Technology
Yi-Ju Tseng
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

5.Session 5 - Health Informatics and Health Care Quality
Best Presentation:
TD0020-A: AMI-HOPE: An Integrated Digital Platform for Telemonitoring and Smart Intervention for Post-AMI Care Trial
Yanyan Hu
MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation, Singapore

6.Session 6 - Bioelectronics and Biomedical Image Processing
Best Presentation:
TD0108: A Deep Learning Approach to Lung Nodule Growth Prediction Using CT Image Combined with Demographic and Image Features
Duc-Khanh Nguyen
Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

7.Session 7 - Hospital Management and Medical Resource Allocation
Best Presentation:
TD0073: An Innovative Application of Knowledge Graphs in AI Medical Social Experiments
Peixin He
Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing, China

TD3023: Opportunities and Challenges of Building Information Modeling in Hospital Construction
Sabine Hartmann
RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany

8.Session 8 - Medical Statistics and Applied Computing in Biomedicine
Best Presentation:
TD0046-A: Prediction of Outpatient Appointment Non-Attendance in General Surgery: Application of Hoeffding Trees to a SMOTE Balanced Dataset
Teodora Freer
Health and Community Services (HCS), Jersey, UK

9.Session 9 - Healthcare Management and Health Care Quality (1)
Best Presentation:
TD3018-A: The Correlation Between Patient-Centered Care Application to Length of Stay, Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Outcome in Post Surgical Breast Cancer Patient in Inpatient Unit Hasanuddin University Hospital
Shafa Nadia
Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia

10.Session 10 - Health Informatics and Clinical Data Analysis (1)
Best Presentation:
TD0050: Predicting Autism from Head Movement Patterns during Naturalistic Social Interactions
Denisa Mcdonald
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, United States

11.Session 11 - Healthcare Management and Health Care Quality (2)
Best Presentation:
TD3044-A: Implementation of a Proforma for Invasive Pleural Procedures at a District General Hospital in the United Kingdom
Swetha John
Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital, Basildon, UK

12.Session 12 - Health Informatics and Clinical Data Analysis (2)
Best Presentation:
TD0021: A Predictive Model for Clinical Health Risk Using Multimodal Electronic Health Record Data
Yangqiang Lin, Lei Yu, Yimin Fu, Xichuan Zheng
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China


Poster Best Presentations

TD0018-A: 2D-2D Craniofacial Superimposition Using a Genetic Algorithm for Human Identification: A Preliminary Study in a Thai Population
Jetniphit Srisinghasongkram
Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand

TD0082-A: Investigating the Hybrid Models of Random Forest Tree, Logistic Regression and Neural Network for Predicting Metabolic Syndrome
Yi-Syuan Wu
1. National I-LAN University, Yilan, Taiwan.
2. Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

TD5010-A: An Artificial Intelligence System for Detecting Arteriovenous Fistula in hemodialysis Patients
Yu-Jui Lien
Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan

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