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May 17, 2024 (Friday)

Time Venue Items
10:00-18:00 2F:ミーティングルームB
Meeting Room B
Onsite Registration & Materials Collection
14:00-17:00 2F:カンファレンスルーム3 Conference Room 3 Tutorial
16:00-17:00 Online Room Zoom online test

May 18, 2024 (Saturday)

Time Venue Items
09:00-09:20 2F:ホールB
Hall B
Opening Remarks-Chi-Chang Chang
09:20-10:00 Keynote Speech I-Hitoshi Nakagama
10:00-10:40 Keynote Speech II-Kevin C. Tseng
10:40-10:50   Group Photo&Break Time
10:50-11:15 2F:ホールB
Hall B
Invited Speech I-Wen-Wei Chang
11:15-11:40 Invited Speech II-Ahmet Murat Ozbayoglu
11:50-13:02 2F:ホールB
Hall B
Student Essay Competition-Undergraduate Session: Medical Imaging and Medical Image Processing
11:50-12:38 2F:カンファレンスルーム1+2
Conference Room 1+2
Student Essay Competition-Master & PhD Session: Bioinformatics and Algorithms for Disease Prediction
11:50-12:38 2F:カンファレンスルーム4
Conference Room 4
Special Session 1: Biomedical Equipments and Medical Image Processing
12:40-13:10 2F:カンファレンスルーム4
Conference Room 4
Poster Session
PosterSession: There is Q&A part for all posters, so each presenter is required to stand in front of the poster for interaction with other participants.
12:00-13:10   Lunch Time
13:10-14:34 2F:カンファレンスルーム1+2
Conference Room 1+2
Session 1: Artificial Intelligence Models for Disease Diagnosis and Prediction
13:10-14:46 2F:カンファレンスルーム4
Conference Room 4
Session 2: Machine Learning Models for Biomedical Signa Analysis and Processing
13:10-14:46 2F:カンファレンスルーム5
Conference Room 5
Session 3: Medical Image Processing and Computer-Aided Diagnosis
13:10-14:46 2F:カンファレンスルーム3
Conference Room 3
Session 4: Clinical Decision Support System and Electronic Medical Record Analysis
14:46-14:55   Break Time
14:55-16:19 2F:カンファレンスルーム1+2
Conference Room 1+2
Session 5: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
14:55-16:31 2F:カンファレンスルーム4
Session 6: Epidemiological Modeling and Mental Health
14:55-16:19 2F:カンファレンスルーム5
Conference Room 5
Session 7: Digital Healthcare and Mobile Healthcare Applications
14:55-16:19 2F:カンファレンスルーム3
Conference Room 3
Session 8: Emergency Medical Services and Applied Statistics in Public Health
16:31-16:40   Break Time
16:40-17:52 2F:カンファレンスルーム1+2
Conference Room 1+2
Session 9: Machine Learning Models for Medical Data Processing and Information Epidemiology
16:40-17:40 2F:カンファレンスルーム4
Special Session 2: Intelligent Applications for Health Informatics
16:40-17:52 2F:カンファレンスルーム5
Conference Room 5
Special Session 3: Bioinformatics and Intelligent Models for Bioinformation Analysis
16:40-17:28 2F:カンファレンスルーム3
Conference Room 3
Online Special Session: Nursing Care Excellence: optimizing clinical practice through nursing research and education
18:10-18:40 2F:ホールA
Hall A
Closing Ceremony

May 19, 2024 (Sunday)

9:00~18:40 One Day Visit Lobby of TKP GardenCity Yokohama


CLICK to view the abstracts of the 2023 conference.

Attention Notes

For the personal and property safety of the participants, please pay attention to notes below:
1. Please take care of your belongings all the time in case of any loss.
2. Participants are required to wear the conference representative card near the conference venue, please do not lend the representative card to the irrelevant people and not "carry" irrelevant people into the venue.
3. The organizer is not responsible for the loss of participants.

Oral Presentation

Equipment Provided by the Conference Organizer:
1. Laptop Computer (MS Windows Operating System with MS PowerPoint & Adobe Acrobat Reader )
2.  Digital Projectors & Screen

Materials Provided by the Presenters:
Power Point or PDF files
Duration of each Presentation (Tentatively):
1. Regular Oral Session: 12-15 Minutes of Presentation including 2 Minutes of Q&A 
2. Please check the session schedule on the web to see which day and time you are presenting.
3. Please arrive at the designed room location 10 minutes before the session begins and report to the session chair.

Poster Presentation

Materials Provided by the Conference Organizer:

1.The wall to put the poster.
2. Maximum poster size is A1.
3. Load Capacity: Holds up to 0.5 kg.

Materials Provided by the Presenters:

1. Home-made Posters (size A1) | Download Template


Submission Method

Electronic Submission System ( .pdf)

Formatting Instructions (DOC)

Contact Information

Conference Secretary: Ms. Alice Lin

E-mail: icmhi@cbees.org

Contact number: +86-18117801445